Homeowner Ratings & Reviews for Merrill Contracting

Guildmaster Award WinnerWhen choosing a home remodeler, most homeowners are thinking about the end result: a great design, extra space, better flow, new functionality and greater every-day pleasure and livability. At Merrill Contracting & Remodeling, that’s all you need to think about – because we’ll take care of all the details necessary to realizing your remodeling dreams.

You can trust us to be a professional general contractor and to take a very personal interest in both quality and your satisfaction. Because of our time-tested system and the fact that communication is always in plain English, details from plans and permits to inspections, construction and even change orders goes smoothly. Plus, we’re a home remodeler that always has our Lead Carpenter on the site to manage everything and everyone. And every member of the Merrill home remodeler team is dedicated to delighting you not just with the final result, but with a relaxed, pleasurable and worry-free remodeling experience every step of the way. We think it’s this commitment that wins us such high marks on customer satisfaction, and such loyal clients who choose us as their builder over and over again.

Satisfied Client Ratings by Question

According to a survey published in 2012 homeowner satsifaction ratings for remodelers nationwide are only between 60% and 63% depending on being willing to recommend and being happy with the remodeler.


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We remodel homes and build relationships

Great craftsmanship combined with great client care:

Merrill Contracting & Remodeling sets the gold standard for fine craftsmanship and client care. When you would be happy to have all of the Merrill workers over for dinner, it says a lot about the trust you develop with them. Every worker showed up on time, was polite and respectful of us and our home, and tried to make our lives as easy as possible. Dave is a problem solver and manages with great skill.
Allida Black and Judy Beck
…extraordinary service two years later… Merrill Contracting still concerns themselves with a project that was already completed — unheard of in this day and age. This type of service and support makes it all the more clear why Merrill Contracting should be anyone’s Contractor of choice for a home improvement project.
Frank Vega
Overall, we could not have had a better experience. Your firm does excellent work and has a genuine regard for the wishes and welfare of the people who engage you. Your carpenters did everything they could to please us and make the project go smoothly and painlessly. These men were courteous, did not use vile language or play radios in an obnoxious manner.
Ed and Sue Lowry

They make it so easy to enjoy an excellent remodeling job:

You do a very good job recognizing and minimizing the additional stress of living through construction. You do so much to smooth out the bumps along the way, and we really appreciate your dependability, even temper and constant professionalism.
John and Mindy Hollar
What continues to impress me… is your low-key, nothing-is-a-bother, let’s-get-it-right attitude.
Rebecca Carr Hawkins
The Lead Carpenter was absolutely wonderful, courteous and helpful. He was there everyday and always on top of things. Remodeling is not easy to live through, but Merrill Contracting made it as easy as possible.
Jim and Betsy Riley
The Lead Carpenter was always willing to explain the status of the project. He was patient with us and willing to listen to our ideas/suggestions and incorporate as many as possible, or explain why not.
Dan and Kate Mesches
The Lead Carpenter was always accommodating, professional and committed to excellence. It was a much less disruptive experience than we anticipated.
Christopher DeGraw and Terry Muilenburg
You and your subs were helpful and very easy to work with. Job well done!
Cindy Gertz
The project could not have been any easier.
Paul Heisey and Melinda Smale

Superior professionalism and communication:

Dave’s knowledge and experience are extensive – professional all the way. Your advice and reassurances were vital to the completion of this project. I cannot speak highly enough about the business and personal integrity of this company. Superb!
Chris and Janet Michaelsen
The Lead Carpenters were outstanding. The communication between them and Dave Merrill was very good.
Ted and Joanne Stump
The Lead Carpenter and Production Manager were great.
Joe and Carey Eule
My husband and I highly recommend [Merrill’s] work, his character and his integrity.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McGavin
…we have used many contractors in our various projects. We have never worked with a contractor who was as professional, responsive and interested in producing a quality project in a timely manner.
The Endes
We found your company to be highly professional in every aspect, from the first meeting to final walk-through.
Mellen Candage
…the quality of work and the attention to detail is really impressive. We… commend you on the integrity, conscientiousness, reliability and kindness of your outstanding crew. Every subcontractor, supplier and inspector we’ve spoken with have been highly complimentary of your team.
Paul and Beth Kiser
…very impressed with the Production Manager… he did a fabulous job of keeping us informed.
Eric and Michelle Buehlmann

The remodeling project turned out beautifully:

…the final product is better than I could have ever imagined, and everything went so smoothly that I still have trouble believing it. You and your architect envisioned a plan that was ideal for my home. Your professionalism, careful oversight and choice of subcontractors made for a great experience for me.
Elise Faber
The exterior design is fantastic.
Dan and Sandi Laredo
Merrill’s knowledge, expertise, flexibility, patience and excellent craftsmen are the reasons we now have this wonderful new home.
Mike and Elie Hawkesworth
We are extremely happy with the job.
Francisco Mejia and Lisa Mayr