Merrill Contracting & Remodeling’s Service Area 

Arlington, VA

Alexandria, VA

Fairfax, VA*

Falls Church, VA

McLean, VA

Great Falls, VA

Each dot represents the approximate location of one or more of the projects we have done within the past 20 years. Projects prior to 20 years are not on this map.

*We work in parts of Fairfax County, not all.

We approximate the location of projects on the map to protect the privacy of our clients.

We use a number of factors when determining if we will be able to consider taking on a project in the towns listed above and those nearby. Almost all relate to the added time and therefore cost of working on any given home.

  • The distance based on the roads we would use from our office and to and from suppliers
  • Traffic congestion during the times we will likely travel
  • How close can we park how many and what size vehicles at the job site
  • Will we need to factor in walking up and down several flights of stairs to do the work if in a condo
  • Will we need to wait for elevators if in a condo
  • Will we have more time restrictions than normal related to when we can work
  • Can we do the project within a reasonable time based on our current and projected set of scheduled projects
  • Do we believe the project is a good fit for our company and the type of work we do
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