What we are doing to help keep you safe and keep your remodeling project moving along as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.

When Not Under Shelter in Place Restrictions:

We will abide by area Shelter in Place restrictions while they exist, but if not in place or when they are eased up, here are some of the things we will be doing to keep you safe:

  • Anyone from our company who knows they have been in contract with someone who has COVID-19 will not be allowed to work in your home or with our other staff members until the appropriate isolation period has passed.
  • We ask that if anyone living in your home has been in contact with a person known or believed to have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 or has a temperature over 100° please let us know. We will revise the project schedule.
  • We will seal off the work area in your home from the rest of your home, including sealing any air supply and return vents.
  • We will also air seal the work area and create its own air supply and exhaust system.
  • Unless there is a bathroom within the work area we can use, we will set up our own hand washing and sanitizing station in the work area and install a porta potty or other self-contained bathroom facility.

When Under Shelter in Place Restrictions:

We will abide by area Shelter in Place restrictions while they exist. But here are some things we can do to help keep projects moving remotely.

  • For projects in progress or with designs approved, we can order materials for your projects and store them, so they are ready as soon as the Shelter in Place restrictions are lifted.
  • We will work with all our trades to keep rescheduling your project based on future target dates when the project can restart. If the Shelter in Place restrictions end sooner or later than expected, we will work with our trades to adjust the revised schedules.
  • We are happy to conference with you by phone to discuss your ideas for future projects, or product selections for projects in design or on temporary hold.
  • We can help you set up idea books on Houzz and we can help you start planning home improvements.

Other Factors

During the COVID-19 Emergency, because not all areas of the country will have the same level of restrictions, some manufacturers, suppliers, and trades may be unable to make, deliver or provide certain products and services as initially planned for your project. We will work with you and them to determine when they expect to be back on schedule, or we will work with you to search for alternative options.

In an Emergency

For our past and existing clients, if your home suffers damage from a storm, water, fire, or other type of damage, please contact us. We will do our best to help you get your home safe and habitable as quickly as possible.