Remodeling your home is exciting, but if you’ve never remodeled before, you might not know where to start. You’ve imagined how your home should look and started making big plans. You know you’ll need to pick finishes, flooring, and fixtures. But what else is there to do before you can sit back and watch as your house is transformed?

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You have questions and we have answers.

“Do I need to figure out everything all by myself before the project starts?” No! We are here to help with information, ideas and advice.

“Do I have to call and coordinate the architects, the building department, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and inspections?” Absolutely not! That’s our job.

Your time is precious, but you still want a top-notch finished project, so we think you’ll like our approach to home remodeling called Design/Build.

We offer the Design/Build remodeling process for homeowners who want the peace of mind, simplicity, and ease of working with one trusted company from concept to completion. Design/Build is a one-stop shopping experience. Another advantage beyond one-stop shopping is if ever there is a problem, we take care of it. You’re not caught in the middle between architects, designers, specialty contractors, and home inspectors.

5 More Reasons You’ll Love Design/Build Remodeling

1. We get to know you first

The first thing we do is meet up (in person or on video conference) to get to know you, your preferences, and your lifestyle needs. It’s how we’re able to deliver the one-stop shopping experience. You won’t have to hunt for an architect or make separate visits to county permit offices or big box appliance stores.

2. We want You to tell us what You want (and why)

We know you’ve done some research and have good ideas regarding the look, feel, and function you want in the finished home improvement project. You probably also have some expectations of how you’d like the construction portion of the project to go in order to fit your schedule.

With our Design/Build process, you communicate all this info to us, and we’ll use it to help you set your goal: what the final design will look like and what it will cost. We coordinate with everyone else involved as our professional process brings the design to reality.

3. You won’t buy any extra tools or learn how to do anything

One of the benefits of deciding to go with a pro for Design/Build remodeling instead of trying the “Do It Yourself” path is you don’t have to buy new tools or learn how install anything! A recent survey of homeowners who did a DIY remodel revealed that 55% found it took longer than anticipated, 50% found it physically harder than expected, and 48% realized it was technically harder than they thought it would be. Why put yourself through that stress?

4. We know the most efficient way

We’ve got your back. We know what works and what doesn’t in the real world, based on our experience from past projects. We can also discuss what we’re seeing in new products and innovative uses of materials and finishes. Ask us about something you’ve seen on HGTV and we can tell you if we think it will really work for you.

We also keep cost in mind at every step. When we have finalized a beautiful design, building it within budget can be accomplished. It’s true one-stop shopping, and we’ll be the single company that will be responsible to resolve any issues relating to the renovation.

5. You can check our reviews and rate us

We realize that it’s important to be able to read reviews and ratings of services so that you can decide which is best for you. That’s why we have reviews from our past clients and photos of past projects. Check out Merrill on Houzz, where clients have left their thoughts once their project is done. And when we complete a project for you, you’ll also be able to pay it forward by sharing your thoughts on the quality and value you’ve received from Merrill Contracting.

We believe our Design/Build process is less stressful for most homeowners and for most types of home remodeling projects. And we think you’ll agree. Want to learn more about our Design/Build method? Contact us and we can start a conversation!

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