It’s that time of year again! So many pleasant things are happening: the holidays, lots of good food, parties to attend, gifts to give, and visits with friends and family. You might also be reminded that it’s finally time to make plans to re-do the kitchen, update the baths, or finish the basement.

Your family budget is probably another big thing that’s on your mind this time of year. When it comes to updating their home, many homeowners think that getting good design puts remodeling out of reach. The truth is that a high-quality, well-designed project is a great investment that can actually save you money in the long run.

What’s on Our List?

The items on our wish list for you – this holiday season AND all year long – are probably on your remodeling wish list, too. Your lifestyle requirements and budget are at the top. We take a look not only at the budget, but also at creative design possibilities that make the most of everything in the remodeled space: from traffic flow and natural light to storage space and style.

Here are three ways we check our list to stretch your remodeling budget:

1. Thoughtful Space Planning

Intelligent space planning carves the most from every square inch of the remodeled space. It rewards you with a home that is designed specifically to fit your lifestyle and needs. You don’t want to spend money on a beautiful kitchen remodel only to find out that there is no place for a trash can or the dog’s bowl.

Custom kitchen by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Custom kitchen by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Space planning can also work magic in reclaiming “lost” space. The space between wall studs can become a niche that displays a favorite piece of artwork or provides an extra bit of storage in a small bathroom. A blank wall in the kitchen might be just enough room for a row of narrow cabinets, perfect for a beverage station or for stashing holiday china and serving pieces.

2. Design Savvy

With good design, any remodeling budget can buy major style. Here’s an example: you may love the look of a certain kind of tile, but it’s priced out of reach. With some clever design, however, you can enjoy that expensive look for less. It’s possible to get an upscale look on a modest budget by combining handsome, budget-friendly tiles with sparing use of high-end accent tiles.

Custom kitchen by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Custom kitchen by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

3. Products and Priorities

Because we know what products are available and how they work in real-world homes, we can help you spend your remodeling dollars most efficiently. We know what is fabulous and what is a flop! We can also help you get those special, extra items you crave. For example, if it’s a priority to have a commercial-style range, we can show you how to include it and still stay within budget by scaling down on your cabinet choice without sacrificing your new kitchen’s high-quality look and feel.

Remember, it’s the choice of appliances, fixtures, and finishes that can eat up the budget quickly. We can guide you in making selections that don’t cost more, but it will help assure that you end up with the features, functionality, and quality you need, and creativity you want.

It won’t be long before the holiday gift list is replaced by your list of New Year’s Resolutions to clean up and fix up your home. So, when January arrives and you find yourself pondering how to update your home before the next holiday season rolls around, call us and check out our wish list for helping you get the most from your remodeling investment!

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