You’ve been staring at the inside of your home for months now. By now you are probably fully aware of all of its shortcomings and outdated features that are due for a change. Where should you start? We suggest you think of what annoys you the most and we’ll help you get rid of it!

Vintage and current patio images

Outdoor living has changed since your home was built. Isn’t it time to update your style?

Sliding Glass Patio Door?

Unless you love the Mid-Century look of your cumbersome sliding glass patio door, you’ve probably thought it’s time to replace it. French doors are a much more elegant and energy efficient solution.

Folding glass patio window wall

Photo courtesy NanaWall

Or add a glass wall, such as a NanaWall system, that folds open to seamlessly integrate your home’s interior with your backyard view, deck, or patio. Perfect for entertaining, the glass panels are easy to open and close, or fold away completely so it looks like there’s no wall at all. These glass panels are energy efficient and offer excellent protection from even extreme weather conditions.


Many older homes in our area were designed with less built-in, organized, and customized storage than most new homes built today. And that means almost everyone’s #1 complaint about their home is clutter and not enough storage space. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who were able to spend your time at home this spring using the KonMari Method to clear out everything from your home that doesn’t “bring joy.” If you haven’t and you still find yourself moving piles of stuff from place to place to keep it out of your way, don’t worry. Because there are amazing home organization solutions available for every room in the house.

kitchen organization

Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

When remodeling your kitchen, a walk-in pantry is a fantastic addition if you have room for it. Otherwise, custom cabinets have options like roll-out shelves for pantry cabinets, pull-out racks for corner cabinets, deep drawers for pots and lids, narrow tray cabinets for baking sheets, bins for pet food storage, and drawer dividers for everything from cutlery and leftover containers to K-cups and spice jars.

custom cabinet organization

Photos courtesy Rev-a-Shelf

Bathroom storage doesn’t have to mean a “black hole” under the sink anymore. Cabinets can be customized with U-shaped or L-shaped pull-out shelves that offer better accessibility and make the most of wasted space. Vanity drawers can have custom storage for cosmetics and hairstyling necessities and hidden electrical outlets for charging grooming tools.

Basement Laundry Room?

Are you still lugging the laundry up and down from the basement? Do yourself a favor and add a first-floor laundry room. Not only will it make laundry day more pleasant, it will give you the opportunity to have a mudroom, craft or sewing area, dog washing station, or place to hide the litter box. Make sure you add plenty of counter space for sorting and folding clothes, a bar to hang delicates to dry, and some closed storage for cleaning supplies.

laundry room and mudroom

Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

It’s a convenient spot to put a drop zone for keys, coats, boots, hats, gloves, and backpacks. The addition of bins and cubbies will help encourage family members to stow their own stuff (instead of dropping it on a chair or the floor). A big, deep sink with a pull-down faucet and an easy-to-clean tile floor make it much easier to deal with the inevitable wet, muddy sports gear that finds its way into the house.

Even when you have a home that you adore and have lovingly decorated, there are usually some leftover remnants of the style that was in vogue when the home was new. And they probably don’t fit quite so well with the life you live today. Call us for a consultation and we can help get those annoying features out of your way, once and for all.