When we start a remodeling project, our goal is to create new living spaces that meet your needs while also giving you a good experience from start to finish. Helping you realize your dreams within practical parameters can be a challenge – one that we solve by applying creativity not just to the design, but to the entire remodeling process.

How does creativity make for better remodeling? We can solve problems and anticipate ways to prevent problems by using wide-open thinking and imagination in every phase of the project. This results in good design and a remodeling process that is smoother and more cost effectively. Plus, at Merrill Contracting, the creative process is about disciple and innovation. We love the challenge of coming up with fresh ideas for delivering the look, feel, and functionality you want while keeping the entire project on time and on budget.

screeened porch photo

Here is what you get when we apply creativity to the entire remodeling process:

1. Better Design

Why settle for a boring, cookie-cutter kitchen? Creative use of space and materials can make all the difference in rewarding you with new living spaces that reflect your own unique tastes and personality.

2. Better Functionality

What currently limits your use and enjoyment of your home? By applying creative problem-solving early in the remodeling process, you can enjoy new spaces that not only look great, but that also function perfectly for your lifestyle.

3. Better Systems

Discipline is an important element of creativity. We have developed systems and practices for learning about your desires, needs, preferences, priorities, and tastes so that we can give you the very best recommendations – and results. These systems keep creativity grounded in practical parameters so that we can avoid unpleasant surprises and help make your remodeling experience trouble-free.

4. Better Value

Providing creativity in every phase of the project requires a team with a higher level of knowledge, skills, more training, and more management time. Because of that, the estimate you receive may seem to be a bit more than estimates offered by remodelers who don’t value creativity. The trouble is, without a creative approach, you can wind up with a less-than-happy remodeling experience – with extra costs for redoing things that don’t measure up – and a space you’ll have to live with for years that is unimaginative and marginally functional. Down the road if you decide to sell, these shortcomings can also have an impact on your home’s marketability.

We’ve worked with many clients over the years. The creativity we add to the entire remodeling process may have cost them a bit more, but they avoided a great deal of inconvenience, problems, and unpleasant (and costly) surprises. Plus, they have ended up with homes that continue to delight them daily with beauty, functionality, and long-term value.

How would our brand of creative remodeling apply to your next project? Contact us today and we’ll show you.