How to Select The Right Remodeling Contractor for Your Project and for You


on targetThe remodeling contractor you choose can be the biggest factor in determining the success or stress of your remodeling project. Selecting the right remodeler means, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your project and the remodeling experience. Select the wrong remodeler, however, and your project and remodeling experience could become one of those remodeling horror stories you hear of all too often.

Who is the “right” remodeler for you?

To help you select the remodeler best for you and your project, we’ve put together the following three lists of things to consider and questions you might want to ask. Each list includes an extensive list of questions. Ask the ones you feel are most important to you.

You’ll find three sections — red flags, yellow flags, and green flags.

For each section’s questions, you can find the answers you need by looking at the remodeler’s website, talking to them on the phone, having an initial consultation and subsequent meetings. You should also review Establishing Your Home Remodeling Priorities and Questions to Ask Homeowner References.

Here’s how to use this Remodeling Contractor Selection Guide:

Click on the links in the Red, Yellow and Green boxes below to read all about the warning signs you should be watching for when you’re looking for a remodeling contractor.

Red Flags

Ask questions and watch for RED FLAGS.

Ask questions. If any Red Flags applies to the remodeler you’re considering, disqualify them. If there are no Red Flags, move on to the Yellow Flag list.

Yellow Flags

The YELLOW FLAGS mean proceed with caution.
If a few flags are raised, it may be fine to proceed with that remodeler. But if there are too many Yellow Flags, you should probably protect yourself and remove that remodeler from consideration.

Green Flags

The GREEN FLAG list helps you find the best fit for you.
Compare the remodelers that made it through Red and Yellow Flag questions to see who is most qualified and best fit for the project, your budget and you. Get answers to these Green Flag questions.