Summer doesn’t last forever, unfortunately. And it won’t be long before you’re yearning for those days when you could spend time relaxing on the patio or deck. That’s when a sunroom or screened porch is exactly what you need. Whether you prefer a sunroom that you can use all year long or a three-season screened porch, it might become your favorite room ─ even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Sunroom addition and deck

Sunroom addition by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Inspiration for Spanning the Seasons

Creating a season-spanning room can range from enclosing an existing porch or patio to creating an all-new sunroom addition custom-built for your tastes and lifestyle. A screened porch is a great three-season option. Add energy-efficient windows and sliding glass doors along with the screens and you gain a fourth season when you can enjoy the view in comfort.

Blur the Lines

One of the most important design considerations is smooth access to the new outdoor living space from your home’s interior. Your entertaining options open up when your kitchen or family rooms can blend almost seamlessly with your sunroom and your deck or patio. A wide selection of beautiful, energy-efficient patio doors such as sliding doors, French doors, or folding glass panels can make this possible.

Sliding glass doors to sunroom

Sliding glass doors to sunroom addition by Merrill

Cool it Off or Heat it Up

No matter what type of room you’re creating, the orientation of it to the sun and existing trees are major considerations in keeping it comfortable year-round. A south-facing room is ideal for optimizing natural light, but you’ll need a solution for keeping the space from becoming too hot on a sunny summer day. A ceiling fan might be sufficient, while an enclosed sunroom might require a more sophisticated solution such as a ductless “mini-split” heating and cooling system.

Sunroom addition

Three-season room addition by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Be Our Guest

Since entertaining friends and enjoying relaxing conversations is a big reason for having a sunroom or three-season room, make sure it’s large enough to seat everyone comfortably. A wider room makes it easier to create inviting furniture groupings that bring friends and family together. Add height and architectural interest with features such as a vaulted ceiling. Consider adding skylights that will brighten the addition while also making sure interior rooms get more natural light.

Explore Your Options

Sunroom with fireplace

Sunroom with fireplace by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Just as fire pits have become popular features on patios all over, a dramatic fireplace in a sunroom is a much sought-after addition for ambiance … and toasting s’mores!

Sunroom addition

Sunroom addition by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

In addition to a grill on the deck, it’s now possible to have a sunroom kitchen complete with a wet bar, prep sink, icemaker, and fridge to make it unnecessary for anyone to stop the conversation to run into the kitchen for drinks or snack refills.

Sunroom addition and deck

Sunroom by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

While natural sunlight will flood the room during the day, expert lighting design is essential for making the room enjoyable at night as well. It can be as bright as you want for lively conversation with a large group or dimly lit for a relaxed evening with close friends.

Tile is a nice flooring choice for an outdoorsy, greenhouse feeling, while LVT or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Tile or Luxury Vinyl Planking) with the look of hardwood can provide the cozy ambiance of a sitting room but still be an easy-care option.

three-season room addition

Sunroom addition by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

Sunrooms can range from very simple, casual spaces to elegantly appointed rooms with the finest finishes. The important consideration is to design the addition so that it blends with the style of the rest of the home and doesn’t look just tacked on as an afterthought.

Adding a screened porch or building a new sunroom will treat you to living space you can enjoy throughout the year. These types of remodeling projects can also enhance your home’s value – as long as they’re designed to complement the existing lines of the house and constructed to weather the outdoor elements while providing a great indoor environment, too. If you’d like to explore some season-spanning possibilities for your home, just give us a call!