screen porch

No it doesn’t.

You know you want a home addition but you have no room on your lot to build one. Or you may want to save some money when building the addition. So might want to know that home addition can begin with space you already have.

As a home addition contractor, I talk with so many homeowners who want to add more living space but who may not have the lot size or budget to “start from scratch.” In these cases, we’re often able to pick a different starting point: space that already exists.

For example, if homeowners want to add on to the kitchen or to create a new family room, an underused screened-in porch might be a perfect “home addition in the making.” Chances are, it already has a foundation, so there’s a major cost-savings right there. Even more important, however, is the creative thinking this extra square footage offers. The porch itself could be transformed into the room addition. Even if the space is not located where the actual new living space is desired, integrating the porch into the home’s overall square footage creates space to shift existing rooms to open up interior space for a larger kitchen, dining room, family room or even a first-floor bedroom.

If you have a carport, you have a foundation just waiting to become a garage complete with a multi-story addition that’s perfect as an office, teenage retreat, or in-law suite. The space between your back door and a detached garage can be remodeled into more than a breezeway. It could become a full-fledged home addition with plenty of space for a mudroom, family room or big new kitchen.

Think Up and Down Too

Another way of building an addition is to convert your attic into living space or finish your basement into more living space. Both take advantage of your existing home’s foundations and don’t impact their footprint. This is especially important if your home is already at your zoning setback limits.

We’ve been the home addition contractor for so many homeowners over the years. Our experience helps us spot possibilities for adding space without always starting from scratch. If you’re thinking of building a home addition, why not start by getting some inspiration from our photo gallery?