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 Save 15% off of hourly labor rates for home repair and maintenance services

Save 50% on Home Maintenance Inspection services


Home Repairs and Maintenance

A cost effective solution for many types of home repair and maintenance projects from a company whose service and quality you know and trust.

We are especially cost effective and convenient for any project that includes carpentry or drywall repairs, or require multiple trades (like a leaky pipe repair that also needs a floor or ceiling repaired and painted, the replacement of a light or wiring and so on). They can be interior or exterior repairs and maintenance. We use the same skilled craftsmen for this work as we do for our home remodeling services.

Plumbing-only, electrical-only, or HVAC-only projects like unclogging a toilet, replacing a washer in a leaky faucet, rekeying a single lock, or the mechanical maintenance of heating and cooling systems are typically more cost effectively handled by single trade providers like plumbers, locksmiths, HVAC contractors. If you are not sure who to call, call us and we can tell you.

Home Maintenance Inspections

Most people in our area don’t have the time, tools, or skills to look out for and keep up with all the repairs and preventative maintenance needed around their homes. But they know if they don’t keep their home well maintained, sometimes even small things left undone can become big expensive problems. The solution we offer is our Home Maintenance Inspection Service. It makes keeping your home in tip-top shape easy and convenient.

Just schedule a home maintenance inspection and we will have one of our skilled staff go through your home and make a list of things that need fixing, should have preventive maintenance done, or look like they will need attention soon. We will prepare a list and our recommendations. We can also provide an estimate for the work that should be done.

Small Projects

Few quality remodeling companies are interested in doing small projects for homeowners. If someone who is not a past client calls us for one of these, we don’t take them on either. But for our clients, we are happy to help where we can. So, if you need shelves put up in your garage or basement, or crown molding in the living room, or similar small project, give us a call.

Home Modifications for People with Mobility or Special Needs

shower with bench

We are happy to help modify the homes of our clients should they need a large or small amount of modifications to help someone with mobility, age-related or other special needs. Adding attractive ramps, replacing a regular tub with a walk-in, or a shower with a barrier-free, curbless shower with a seat. Even just replacing all the door and faucet knobs with levers to make them easier to use. We can also help with stair lifts, elevators, and more.

Maintenance, repairs, replacement and help with:

Maintain, Repair or Replace:

• Ceilings, floors, walls, trim & molding
• Broken or misaligned cabinets & hardware
• Vanities, sinks, toilets
• Shower & tubs
• Leaking pipes & drains
• Decks, porches & patios
• Replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs
• Banisters & staircases
• Interior & exterior carpentry
• Drywall repairs
• Garage doors
• Roofs, flashing, gutters & downspouts
• Siding, trim & shutters
• Masonry work
• Floor & wall tiles
• Countertops
• Exterior lights
• Doors & windows
• Garage doors
• Attic & basement access systems
• Chimney
• Caulking & weather sealing
• Electrical repairs & maintenance
• Plumbing repairs & maintenance
• Damaged, rotten, infested wood
• Faucet replacements & upgrades
• Sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, bidets
• Door hardware
• Fireplaces
• Fences
• Interior & exterior caulking
• Custom carpentry & woodwork
• Retaining walls
• Weather-stripping
• Kitchen cabinets
• Bookshelves & built-ins
• Hanging pictures & curtains
• Storm & screen doors & windows
• Pre-sale fix-ups & move-in repairs
• Skylights

Seasonal Maintenance & Decorations

Home Maintenance Inspections

Small Projects Like:

• Anything with carpentry
• New crown, chair, wall, or ceiling molding
• Shelving & cabinets
• Sink, tub and shower faucet & head upgrades
• Sink, tub, shower, toilet, vanity replacements
• Adding exterior home security lighting
• Awnings & porticos
• Access stairs for attics
• Basement window well exits
• Lighting & ceiling fans
• Home automation upgrades
• Attic & basement insulation
• Built-in units
• Storage cabinets
• Closet systems
• Energy weather sealing
• Attic ventilation
• Pergolas & gazebos
• Retaining walls & fences
• Play set assembly or removal

Home adaptations like:

• Access ramps
• Chair lifts & elevators
• Curbless showers & walk-in tubs
• Bathroom grab bars
• New accessible bathroom
• Raised toilets
• Replacing knobs with levers on doors & faucets
• Wall hand rails
• Widening doorways
• Moving light switches & power outlets
• Moving counters, shelves, sinks to the right height
• Modified closet systems
• Intercom systems
• Home automation
• Adjusting lighting
• And more….

Call us if you need something not on this list
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This service is a limited time special offer, offered for a period that Merrill Contracting & Remodeling announces from time to time.
*If work is scheduled within 15 days of the end of an offer period, but cannot be completed by the end of the offer period because of Merrill Contracting’s schedule, we agree to extend the deadline of this offer for the work to be completed at our sole option. Void where prohibited.