I’ve been a general contractor for years, but lately I’ve been thinking about the term “general.”  I’ve begun to wonder if it doesn’t sound a little lightweight – like being a building contractor is something so general that it’s something anyone could do if they so chose. I see it differently and I’d like to share just a few brief reasons why I think working with a general contractor is far more than just a convenience.

For starters, a good general contractor isn’t just a good project manager.  Sure, I manage schedules and make sure trades people come, go and perform exactly as required.  But in addition, my hands-on experience with both design and construction means I can do more than manage the piece parts: I can be proactive in preventing problems and in offering clients creative ways to increase the “wow” factor of the project while reducing costs.

Second, because being a general contractor is my career – not a sideline or something I’ve just gotten my license to do – I have a lot of experience. I know the right trades people, I know what bids should be, and I have the relationships in place to negotiate or switch vendors if the bid isn’t what it should be. I know how to look at design plans in terms of how the plan will translate into challenges and costs during its building. Contractors also bring to the table real-world experience about what products and materials actually work and perform well in this specific area of the country – and are right for the home values here.

Finally, as a general contractor, it’s my job to bring all the piece parts together in the right way. That means having subcontractors arrive in the right order. It also means using our experience in this field to make sure all the selections clients make all work together. Otherwise, homeowners can end up with all the features and finishes they asked for, but a home that simply never pulls together from a design or functionality point of view.

The fact is that being a “general” contractor requires quite a bit of specialization and — I believe – rewards homeowners with far more than just convenience: I believe it gives them a far better remodeling experience and far better home as well. So, where I’ve come out is deciding to think of “general” as describing us as a building contractor who does many different types of projects for homeowners. Just how many?  Take a look at our photo gallery