Updated October 2021: The traditional family room has greatly changed in recent years with the norm now being a great room with an open floor plan. Even TV watching has changed with so many options for accessing television and web content. Members of the family often have their own devices that they’ll want to use, even while sitting in one room together.

great room with large windows

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Here are some ways we can create a versatile space to suit your 21st century family.


Decide what will be the focus of your room. Is it still the the home entertainment center? The preferred television size for most people is bigger than ever, so opening up a room that’s too small is really important so that the screen is not so close as to be uncomfortable to watch. Mounting your television on the wall can help save space. Many homeowners are placing the TV on the wall above the fireplace mantel, which requires special planning. Consider where you’ll want your cable or satellite box so wiring can be done during the remodeling to eliminate unsightly cords.

In the Zone

Can your family members agree on the same program or movie to watch? Often, individuals want to stream their own content or do something different like reading, working on a laptop, or listening to music. We can remodel your room keeping in mind the “zones” you need: a conversation zone, a craft or table game zone, and a media zone, for example.

great room with fireplace and large screen tv

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You will probably want to plan the room around your largest piece of furniture, the sofa, but include as much comfy seating as possible. Having seating such as club chairs on casters allows you to adjust the configuration quickly and easily. Ottomans and large pillows can also add seating to give you exactly the set-up you need at any given moment.

Let’s Be Smart

You probably are already familiar with Bluetooth and smart home technology, and they can really help meet the varied entertainment needs of your family. Using Bluetooth headphones means that one person watching TV won’t disturb others in the same room. Combining that with smart speakers or soundbar means you can switch from solo viewing to a home theater experience for the whole family. Or have a multi-room speaker system to stream content wirelessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to any room for the ultimate entertainment experience. You won’t miss a thing if you step away to the kitchen to refresh your drink.

Don’t Forget Some Extras

French door opeing to screened porch

Addition by Merrill Contracting & Remodeling

All the devices everyone is using need to be plugged in to charge occasionally! When remodeling your great room, we can include a charging station and plenty of outlets around the room, so it’s always convenient for family members to sit comfortably while using their personal devices. A beverage center or wet bar is the ultimate convenience to keep everyone’s favorite drinks handy. Add a French door or sliding glass panel to access the deck or patio and your great room will be ready for any family get-together or celebration with friends.

A great room should be designed and configured to meet a family’s individual needs. And those needs are likely to be very different than what your home was originally built for.

Contact us today so we can help you figure out how your newly remodeled, more open floor plan can be the best possible space for your family to relax and spend time together. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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