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How do you refresh and redesign your living space so that it truly reflects your sense of style and your lifestyle? Do you want to update your home, but don’t want to follow the crowd?

Trends are fine to get you started on ideas, but there are many ways you can show your creativity and make your home unique. Here are some beautiful ideas for adding a personal touch of elegance and luxury to your remodeled home.

Master Bathroom

An Island Retreat

If the master bathroom is your getaway place, should it have an island? Large, spa-like bathrooms are a feature that you’ll love having in your master suite for that extra pampering you crave. Long a must-have item in the kitchen, an island in the center of the bathroom adds a luxe touch as well as the practicality of extra elbow room when you’re sharing a bathroom. The extra storage will also keep the sink and counter free of clutter.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

“Alexa, is it going to rain today?” Kohler Konnect is the company’s product line that is capable of interacting with multiple voice-activated services like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, as well as through an app for iOS and Android devices. Its Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror is not only a mirror, but also voice-controlled stereo speakers, a motion-activated nightlight, and LED lights with custom settings for makeup application and grooming. You can tell Alexa to play – and change – music while you’re in the shower or to catch you up on the news, weather and traffic while you shave or do your makeup.

Custom Kitchen

One from Column A, One from Column B

Appliance upgrades for custom kitchens often focus on the range, cooktop or wall oven. There are many options available to fit your requirements for a professional chef-level cooking and baking experience, but what about refrigeration? The ultimate customization here is column refrigeration. Need more or less freezer space or special units for different food groups? No problem. Want a second full-size refrigerator without a freezer? Columns can do that. Select separate units for refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets in varying widths from 24” to 36” and have them installed side by side or on opposite sides of the room, wherever is most convenient for you.

Bored with stainless steel? Viking Professional 5 series column refrigerators and freezers are available in colors like Graphite Gray, Apple Red and Cobalt Blue. Jenn-Air offers the first-ever collection of custom refrigeration panels crafted from fine Italian leather. You can, of course, also get either of these ready to accept panels that match your cabinetry.

Make a Splash

A gorgeous accent wall backsplash that goes from countertop to ceiling is one sure way to express yourself in the design of your kitchen, even if your cabinets are all white. Choices are limitless: a bold color porcelain tile, an elegant slab of creamy marble, a Moroccan design glass mosaic, glossy subway tile in a herringbone, chevron or stacked pattern, or hand-painted ceramic tiles in organic patterns or nature motifs. Pick the style that’s perfectly “you” and your custom kitchen will stand out from the crowd.

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