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Each January, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) sponsors the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), an amazing event where more than 500 companies representing the industry’s leading brands present new ideas for kitchen and bath remodeling and design. We’ve learned about some of the latest products that were at this year’s show and can’t wait to take our inspiration and put it to work for you!

Fresh from the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Technology Simplified

If you’re tired of having a jumble of cords on the counter for charging your devices, Docking Drawer offers power and charging solutions designed to fit into all types of standard cabinet spaces, eliminating the need to reduce drawer sizes when adding a hidden docking station. The Docking Drawer Slim Quad can charge up to 8 devices while the Style Drawer Flush Quad outlets can power up to 4 devices. Docking Drawer can easily be installed in kitchen drawers, bathroom vanities and other places where power is needed but you want to hide the cords.

Docking Drawer Style Drawer Outlets

Docking Drawer Style Drawer Outlets

Digital Products International Inc. (DPI) has added smart home technology to its lineup with the Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Smart Plug. When paired with the free SuperConn App (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), controlling devices from anywhere is simple to set up. Simply plug in the Wi-Fi plug, download the app, create an account and add the plug to the network. Once connected, you can set timers and schedules, turn multiple devices on and off with one touch, and even link with Amazon Alexa to control your devices with the sound of your voice. The Smart Plug can control a variety of devices including holiday décor, fans, lighting, coffee makers, televisions, game consoles, and slow cookers.

The Perfect Personalized Shower

The U by Moen shower, a next-generation Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower offers mobile connectivity and up to 12 personalized presets, providing the ability to create the ideal showering experience with the push of a button. The Wi-Fi-connected digital shower controller features a 5-inch LCD screen and a digital valve that offers precise temperature control and enables the user to connect up to four shower devices, such as showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays.

U by Moen shower

U by Moen digital shower

Smarter Appliances

The LG Smart InstaView™ adds more features to a previous model that introduced a door that turns transparent with just two knocks on it, allowing you to see inside the refrigerator without opening the door. Now you can access a variety of Wi-Fi enabled features directly on the refrigerator or use Amazon’s Alexa to search recipes, play music, place Prime-eligible orders from including groceries, and more. A camera captures images of the interior which are accessible via smartphone, in case you need to check what you need while out grocery shopping.

Close-up of LG Smart InstaView™ Refrigerator Doors

Close-up of LG Smart InstaView™ Refrigerator Doors

The LG TWINWash™ front-load washer with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer is a new combo that lets you run two separate loads at once or independently. The TWINWash is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can check when the wash is done, download additional cycles and more using the LG SmartThinQ™ app on either Android or iOS devices or Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The LG SideKick is a one-cubic foot pedestal washer that can be placed under the TWINWash (or any LG washer from 2009-present) and is ideal for small loads such as delicates, active wear, and intimates.

LG TWINWash™ front-load washer and dryer with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer

LG TWINWash™ front-load washer and dryer with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer

There are so many exciting new products and technologies that can provide practical solutions for your kitchen and bath remodeling, making these rooms a better fit for your lifestyle. Give us a call and we can help you make this the year you update your home!

Photos courtesy of The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS®) and Emerald Expositions, Inc.

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