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Top 5 Home Improvement Project Ideas

The days are finally getting longer, warmer, and brighter! And since May is National Home Improvement Month, why not take that “spring cleaning” urge a step further and do some

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Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

Updated 2019 For most pet owners, animals are a very important part of the family. So when remodeling your home, why not remodel some areas that both help make life

Tips for Selecting Colors When You Remodel

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re doing a home remodeling project. You’ll likely start with personal preferences for the layout and the ways you’ll use

7 Home Office Trends to Inspire You

Back-to-school reminders are all around us now, and that's also a nudge that it's time to get into the back-to-work mode. You may already have a room - or a

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