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Ending Countertop Confusion

A Comparison of Kitchen Counter Material Choices Remodeling your kitchen can be fun when you’re making plans and imagining how it will look when it’s done. Along the way, however, there will be lots of choices to make: selecting appliance options, picking colors, and deciding on fixture

How to Do a “Back to Basics” Kitchen Remodel

Like many kitchen remodeling contractors, we’re seeing a back-to-basics trend with kitchen renovations. Now, basics doesn’t mean bare bones, Far from it. Homeowners still want a beautiful kitchen with luxurious extras, but they want kitchen remodeling to focus on functionality and personal style rather than on a “statement”

What Kitchen Remodelers Know About Kitchens

As professional kitchen remodeling contractors, we’ve designed and built many different styles of kitchens for many different types of clients here throughout the Northern Virginia area. When we’re discussing a new kitchen, remodeler experience can often help clients think about things they might not otherwise consider. Here are

February 17th, 2012|Kitchen Remodeling|

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