New Finishes for a Finished Basement

When it comes to the basement, remodeling has to address some very basic challenges as part of your basement renovation, including everything from how to control dampness to how to deal with low ceilings, ductwork and heating and cooling equipment. But once these challenges are met, we

A Ceiling For the Basement: Remodel But Don’t Restrict Access

From dampness issues to building permits to the height of your basement's ceilings, finishing a basement comes with challenges that just don’t apply in remodeling other parts of your home. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is working with your basement remodeling contractor to decide on the

August 15th, 2012|Basement Remodeling|

Why Baby Boomers Need a Finished Basement

Could basement remodeling give “the sandwich generation” that extra layer of space that’s so needed? Basement renovation might indeed be the perfect solution as college grads move home to live until they find a job and longer lifespans and extremely costly assisted living options have Grandma and Grandpa