Could basement remodeling give “the sandwich generation” that extra layer of space that’s so needed? Basement renovation might indeed be the perfect solution as college grads move home to live until they find a job and longer lifespans and extremely costly assisted living options have Grandma and Grandpa moving in, too.

middle aged coupleA recent AARP study reported a 30% increase in households of at least three generations of family members. Meanwhile, one third of Coldwell Banker real estate agents reported an uptick in buyers looking for homes to accommodate multiple generations, with 7 out of 10 agents expecting demand for this type of housing to continue. So if you have an unfinished lower level, calling a basement remodeling contractor can help you seize a golden opportunity to improve your family’s breathing room … while also increasing the resale appeal of your home.

When it’s “the more, the merrier,” it’s important to make the most of every inch of space. Here are two ideas for turning that unfinished basement into just what your own family needs.

A lower-level suite. As a basement remodeling contractor, we’re often asked to turn an under-utilized basement into a suite for teens or even an “apartment” for college grads who’ve returned home. With an outdoor entry, it’s a good solution for accommodating the late-night schedules the younger generation often keeps. Giving the kids their own space in a finished basement frees the homes upstairs bedrooms for use by elderly relatives.

A getaway zone. Even if you have enough bedrooms for everyone, it may be a challenge for multiple generations to enjoy time outside their bedrooms. Grandparents may not always like the noise as grandkids play video games or have their friends over. A great compromise a basement renovation that turns ordinary lower-level space into a getaway zone for the grown ups – or a rec zone for the youngsters. Grandparents and parents can enjoy talking or reading upstairs while the kids do homework or hang out with friends in the newly remodeled basement space.

One word of caution when it comes to your finished basement: Contractor experience matters. Over the years, we’ve done many basement renovations so we know how to deal with the challenges of basement remodeling – from low ceilings and lack of natural lighting, to mitigating dampness and musty odors. This experience means you get a basement remodel that not only looks great, but that lives great for every member of your family.

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