When it comes to the basement, remodeling has to address some very basic challenges as part of your basement renovation, including everything from how to control dampness to how to deal with low ceilings, ductwork and heating and cooling equipment. But once these challenges are met, we can use our experience as a basement remodeler to make your finished basement anything but basic.

One idea is to use materials that aren’t always expected in the basement. Remodeling might, for instance, include subway tiles or walls that feature stained trim work to create a fresh, cozy Arts and Crafts feel to the basement.

Finishing the basement might mean having to conceal an awkwardly located water heater or furnace. We might do this by building a wall that actually curves around the obstacle. This not only solves the problem, an interesting shape like a curve can maximize the living space and create a very modern flow to the newly finished basement.

Contractors who specialize in basement remodeling the way we do get to be experts at solving problems. But our own expertise in design also gives us more creativity in using finishes to turn those problems into finished basements that become favorite parts of the home.  To get ideas for your own basement remodel, see some of our basement renovations at our photo gallery.