Homeowners Trust Merrill Contracting for Expert Finished Basement Remodeling

Merrill Contracting & Remodeling is among Northern Virginia’s top basement remodeling contractors. And as your basement remodeler, we will work with you to design and build the perfect finished basement for you and your family.

Finished basement remodeling requires special expertise to avoid problems down the road. Merrill has that expertise and experience. Basements can be dark, musty, and have moisture or radon problems. We check to make sure your basement has none of these problems. However, if it does have problems, don’t worry. We know how to eliminate and mitigate them so your finished basement will be a joy and not a headache.

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We finish basements in Great Falls, McLean, Falls Church, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia

Basement Remodeling Adds Living Space Cost Effectively

Unfinished basements are often wasted or, at best, poorly used space. In many Northern, Virginia homes, basements represent one-third to one-half of the potential living area. And, in most cases, finishing a basement is less expensive per square foot of added living area than is building an addition. It is also a good way of adding living area if your lot does not allow you to build to the side or back of your home.

Finished Basements Can Be Bright and Flexible

Basements can be used for almost any purpose. Family rooms, playrooms, hobby areas, home offices, game rooms, home gyms, bedrooms and guest rooms, bathrooms with spa tubs, fitted storage areas and more.

Even if your basement is below grade, a basement can be light and airy. Besides properly designed lighting, almost all below grade basements can be retrofitted with windows, as well as emergency egress windows required for some types of finished basement projects.

Our Clients Love Our Quality and Service

Our quality design, construction, and personal service have earned Merrill a reputation as one of the area’s highest-rated design-build basement remodeling contractors. Check out our client reviews and third-party-verified client satisfaction ratings.

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When Remodeling a Basement, Experience, Creativity and Talent Matter

Since 1987, we have been finishing basements. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, McLean, and Great Falls, Virginia transform their unfinished basements into newly finished basements that look – and “live” – beautifully.

We provide smart, creative solutions for basement remodeling challenges such as low ceilings, cold floors, moisture and radon problems, as well as basements that get little natural light.

We know exactly how to configure your space to work around posts, pipes, heating and cooling systems. We can install new bathrooms even on basement slabs that don’t have wastewater lines pre-installed or that have to “drain and flush up.” Lighting is a big part of making a basement enjoyable, and we know how to add lighting that makes you forget you are in a basement. Even a basement that is below grade.

Can a Top Basement Remodeling Contractor Be Affordable?

guarantee remodeling Northern VA MerrillYes! Especially if you look at the actual design, remodeling, and lifetime cost of your basement remodel and not just the proposal price.

Unlike with many basement finishing contractors, we guarantee your finished basement comes in on budget and on time. We also help prevent costly problems with your finished basement now and down the road. Before pricing out a finished basement, we look for potential issues that should be fixed before construction. Things like moisture issues, problems with your foundation, radon, etc. We take care of the details so you don’t have to.

We Make Basement Remodeling Easier for You

We de-stress the entire basement remodeling process, from concept through completion. Plus, we draw on the talented design services of our AIA architect (or yours!), trusted tradespeople, and our Merrill team members who have been with us for years. In addition to expert craftsmanship, quality construction, knowledge of products, professionalism, and personal service, Merrill’s remodeling services give you a finished basement that will continue to reward you with pleasure and functionality for years to come.

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